The performers that you’ll never regret planting

There are many, many trees, shrubs and plants that are at their prime in the fall, but there are two that I especially recommend for people who are new to gardening and landscaping that will look fantastic in October.

The first is the October Glory Maple tree. I believe this is one of the most beautiful trees to look at and I encourage anyone to plant this. By the middle of October the leaves are so bright it almost looks as if the tree is on fire. It is great for beginners, because it can inspire a new gardener to think about trees in a different way. When I first became aware of the October Glory, it inspired me to learn more about trees in general. I was so fascinated by this tree, that for a while, I would read books about all types of trees so that I could identify as many tree varieties as possible. Now I have twelve different trees in my property.

The Autumn Joy Sedum is another plant that shines in October. It is a perennial plant that does well in the northeast. It’s a hardy little guy that looks like broccoli for most of the season, with tight little green flower heads. If you plant sedums in the summer, you can enjoy their colorfulness as the summer turns to fall. By fall, the plant cranks up the heat and turns into this wonderful, pink color. In the fall when most plants are fading away, people who have Autumn Joy in their gardens are completely content to watch this little guy doing wonders for colors in the garden.

The Autumn Joy Sedum also appeals to me because it is such an unusual-looking plant, looking like a vegetable or maybe and underwater plant. It’s a cool looking plant that offers a different spin on how flowers should look.

These two plants will give you pleasure as a beginner, and will be around as a staple in your garden for years to come. My hope is that they will inspire you to advance your education about landscaping and gardening.