As the days get colder, it may be tempting to curl up under a warm blanket on your living room couch and forget about your garden. Don’t do it! There are still plenty of things you should be doing in your garden right now. So bundle up and go outside to finish up the season before the snow falls!

Bulbs should be planted before the ground freezes, which could happen any time in November. Spice up your garden for spring by planting bulbs of desirable colors, shapes and blooms. Keep in mind that deer eat tulips, so be cautious. Plant big bulbs about 8″ deep and small bulbs about 5″ deep.

While you’re out there planting bulbs, look over your gardens and remove dead plant material and cut all flowers.

In November, lawns slowly start to recover from the stresses of the hot summer. Lawns should be aerated in the fall and early spring. This process loosens soil compaction and allows water, air and beneficial nutrients to get to the roots.

Managing thatch is another important component of maintaining a healthy lawn. Thatch is a layer of living and dead grass roots and stems that collects between the surface of the lawn and the soil underneath. When thatch becomes too thick it can cause grass roots to grow up into the thatch zone rather than down into the lawn. It also creates an environment that supports pests and disease.

Be aware of deer and rabbits. You may notice damage to plants caused by these animals chewing on the leaves. For people in Union County, deer and rabbit repellent can be purchased at Bartell, located at 277 Central Ave., Clark, New Jersey.

Here are some other things to think about in November:

  • Examine your roof, gutters and downspouts for debris.
  • Change central air conditioning system filters.
  • Remove window air conditioning units or cover with a waterproof cover to prevent damage.
  • Change filters in stove vents, clothes dryers and room fans.
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture.
  • Service your snow blowers.
  • Prepare your fireplace. Discard old ashes and check that the damper is open to allow air to freely move through the chimney.  If the air is becoming cold, close back the damper after cleaning. Check the damper handle and springs to ensure that the flue is operating correctly. Hire a professional chimney sweep if needed.

Remember this time last year when we were still reeling from the devastation of super storm Sandy? Storms of Sandy’s severity are rare, but you should still prepare yourself for this stormy time of year. Take note of important hurricane information. Develop a family hurricane plan and keep all emergency equipment in good working order. These include emergency power generators, flashlights, radios, batteries, tarps and gas. If you’re in the Westfield area, you can get your generator serviced at Eardly T. Petersen Co., located at 24 Elmer St., Westfield. Their phone number is 908-232-5723.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your yard in November! Take notice of what is going on and observe the changes and growth. If you have questions or concerns, contact us!