Now that it’s winter, do you find yourself cooped up inside, with nothing to do but look out the window? Do you avoid going outside at all, thinking it’s just too cold?

You may think that your days outdoors are finished for the year, but—with its days of blue, crisp skies–winter can be a good time to go out for a walk. The temperatures often are in the 30-40s and can even reach the 50s. This is great weather for walking! The air is crisp enough to chill your bones and wake up your senses. It’s wonderful to walk through a park or in the woods because it’s so quiet—most of the wildlife is hibernating.

Winter walks can be a joy. Walking gives you time to reflect and to plan, to think forward and to think about the past. Sure, you have to take care of life, but it’s also a great time to take time for yourself and enjoy the pleasures of going outside for a walk.

I particularly enjoy winter walking in the middle of the day. The days are short, so getting outside for a midday walk gives me that dose of sunshine that I need every day. I take in the sights and sounds of nature while I’m walking. The sun feels particularly good in winter because, since it’s so cold, the sun makes me feel warmer. In summer we take the warmth of the sun for granted because the temperature is so high, but in winter feeling the sun’s warmth can be a balm for the soul.