People often ask me about landscaping for their backyards.  Usually when I visit their home for the first time, right way I’ll notice about five to six houses that have a full view of their backyard space. Sometimes I can actually stare directly into people’s houses through their windows and doors. When I’m in a backyard I want to feel like I’m in an oasis or sanctuary.

This is why it’s important to be aware of the variety of plants that are available and appropriate for filling open space to screen away undesirable views such as streets, homes or other unsightly things. Evergreens such as arborvitae, Leland and skip laurels are some trees I enjoy using because they keep their color and don’t drop leaves. Birch trees, maple trees, crape myrtles, pear trees, and cherry trees are also great for privacy. I love living screens for privacy barriers but fencing is another possibility.

Different fencing such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link provide coverage for up to six feet high. Think about your own home and outdoor space…what can you see?  And more importantly, who can see you?